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Advanced Prana Vinyasa: Elemental Vinyasa

October 23, 2014 (Thurs) - November 1, 2014 (Sat)

At Exhale Center for Sacred Movement, Venice, CA

Elemental Vinyasa Teacher Training:

Our body is comprised of all of the elements which make up life - the food of the earth, the sacred water of our primarily fluid body, the metabolic and electrical fire of our cellular and neural network, the air which is the breath of life that nourishes every cell and the space which primarily pervades our body.

Awakening the "elemental body" is the primary energetic map in Prana Flow that forms the foundation for our wave sequencing of movement alchemy, our embodiment of nature and an integrated flow between our practice and life.

Experience the “roots and evolution of vinyasa” as Shiva offers the Elemental Vinyasa pathway of the Prana Flow Mandala of Vinyasa system. This system is a unique part of our teacher training which offers 5 Namaskars-10 Sequences as we as powerful online teaching tools for creative and effective sequencing of the flow of yoga and life. Shiva’s Samudra Global School of Yoga Teacher Trainings include online practice support (required for certification) year-long meditation and mentor feedback system.

In the Elemental Vinyasa module, you will learn:
- Embody and Practice Teach Five Elemental Namaskars - Bhumi (earth) Namaskar, Jala (water) Namaskar, Agni (fire) Namaskar, Hridaya (air) Namaskar, Akash (space) Namaskar.

• Integration of the "inner arts" including Tantric Based Meditation

• Practice and receive Ten Solar-Lunar Elemental complete Prana Flow Sequences to explore and continue to embody through Samudra’s Online Pathways of PranaFlow Program for certification.

• Shiva’s Offering of Prana Flow® Movement Alchemy™ I for sequencing elemental vinyasa including universal movement patterns within the map of prana and the elements.

* Cultivating hands-on intelligence within the sequences, teaching inner and outer energetic alignment and personal embodiment of the sequences in practice and as a living flow.

* Understanding the Microcosm-Macrocosm of the Elemental Body within Yoga and cross-culturally and the importance of embodying nature in our current times of ecological changes.

* Teacher Self-Care - Restoring the Elemental Body through Ayurvedic Dinacharya and Lifestyle (Daily and Seasonal) Rhythms for Living Flow


5-day options available:
October 23 - 27 | Elemental Vinyasa
October 28 - Nov 1 | Living Ayurveda Part 1 | Click here to Learn More about the Ayurveda Program

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