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Fluid Power - The Art of Living Flow

April 20th, 2014 (Sun) - April 25th, 2014 (Fri)

At Esalen, Big Sur, CA

As the very flow of consciousness, you move around in bliss as the mandala of existence. You dance the world into existence as its very Consciousness. – Ksemaraja


As spring emerges we immerse in the power of Esalen’s healing waters to thaw and let go into the new cycle. In this five-day immersion, we will create a “living flow ashram” within the retreat as the Dance Dome becomes a place for yoga, energetic vinyasa, movement, meditation and recalibration of our system to the rhythms of life. 

Our retreat will include


·      Two practices a day of water-based sequences of Prana Flow®  yoga for fluid strength, flexibility, unwinding of tensions, and creative flow (experienced beginners to intermediate)

·      mandala namaskars (circular sun salutations) for embodying circular consciousness

·      pranadandayoga® – movement with a 5-foot flexible staff

·      cultivation of ojas – ayurvedic regeneration practices for “Juicing Up”  

·      prana flow partner massage for relaxation and rejuvenation

·      melting into motion - sahaja yoga trance dance with Live Drumming

·      floating shavasana in the Esalen Tubs

·      sunrise-sunset meditation and pranayama

·      Tantric micro-meditations from the Vijnana Bhairava to stay connected to the flow while living yoga


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