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Online Prana Danda Yoga Sadhana - The Foundation Practice Sessions with Demetri and Shiva


At ,

Certification in PranaDandaYoga Requirements:

* Practice two PDY online practice sessions

* Attend one PDY Teacher Training Retreat

* Submit one video of practice

* 200 hr yoga teacher training


Open to anyone who has participated in PranaDandaYoga Teacher Training or who is interested in upcoming Teacher Training and PDY workshops.

Click Here for Samudra Online Membership and Course Registration

Note: Danda Orders are reserved for online courses or those who have participated in live Prana Danda Yoga trainings

To ORDER your own Danda, please fill out Danda Purchase Info Form (click here)

Upon receipt, you will be sent a link to purchase danda.

$45 to be shipped to you anywhere in the U.S. $85 for international mailing.


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