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Sacred Power: An Evolutionary Exploration of Vira Prana Flow® and PranaDanda Yoga™ at Kripalu

August 8th, 2014 (Fri) - August 10th, 2014 (Sun)

At Kripalu Center for Yoga, Lenox, MA

For all levels, including yoga teachers.

Vira means potency, rising energy, and the embodiment of the warrior archetype. In a time when it’s easy to become bound, depleted, or stressed from too much “doing,” Vira Prana Flow and PranaDanda Yoga introduce an evolutionary approach to dynamic yoga.

In this popular immersion, Shiva Rea invites you to cultivate embodied power and energy with meditative, creative, and fluid sequences that you can integrate into a sustainable lifestyle. This retreat includes these inspired practices:

   * Vira Prana Flow: energetic vinyasa sequences, joyfully challenging for all levels
   * PranaDanda Yoga: a meditative and powerful yoga style that uses a five-foot, semiflexible staff to promote alignment, rhythm, and steadiness
   * Fluid Creative Core™ sequences for cultivating core intelligence and tone
   * Meditation and relaxation for inner regeneration.

The principles of Shiva’s Vira Prana Flow approach can be powerfully integrated into your practice, your teaching, and your life.

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