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Samudra Online Global School for Living Yoga


At Samudra Online,

Samudra - "the Great Ocean" is an online portal for universal living yoga practices and the Global School of Living Yoga's Evolutionary Vinyasa Courses, Prana Flow Vinyasa Trainings, immersions and cyber retreats.

The vision of founder Shiva Rea, Samudra's creative offerings provide both free and in-depth meditation, pathways of flow (the system of Prana Flow practices) and courses to deepen and enrich your yoga and flow of life.

New Courses Beginning March 4th

History of Embodied Yoga Part III
March 4th - April 8th

Calling all yoga teachers, vinyasa Experience an understanding of the the roots and evolution of yoga vinyasa as we approach the history and teachings of yoga from over 30,000 b.c. through the modern era from the perspective of movement meditation ritual. Part Two explores the evolution of the comsic body vinyasa into embodied meditation within the Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Sutras into the early tantras as the soil from which the inner vinyasa (the sequence of consciousness) flowers in different paths that evolve into the embodied vinyasa of the early tantras.

Elemental Prana Vinyasa
April 6th

Updated Elemental Solar Sequences

Filmed in Santorini and Costa Rica

The second "pathways of prana vinyasa" is a practice guide to the Five Elemntal Namskars and 10 Solar-Lunar Wave Sequences that correspond to Elemental Vinyasa module.

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