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Invocations of Prana and the Heart of Yoga

Om Pranaya Namaha
Om Prana Pranaya Namaha
Om Prana Pranaya Namo Namo Namaha

This chant honors the universal life-energy of Prana. Namaha means to honor, recognize, and realize the inherent mystery of the one breath breathing us all. This chant is a natural pranayama, increasing the duration of your breath. From here, we will flow into prana mudra, a movement pranayama practice. Pranams to T.K.V. Desikachar and Kaustab Desikachar for the teachings of integrating chanting as pranayama.

Atma Hridaya
(the heart is the self)
Hridaya Mayi
(the heart within me)
Hridaya Amritam
(the nectar of the heart)
Amritam Anandam
(this nectar is the bliss of the Self-Source)

Movements of Prana

Om Prana Swaha
Om Samana Swaha
Om Vyana Swaha
Om Apana Swaha
Om Udana Swaha

Embodying the Flow

Prana : life is energy and breath, inhale fully
Vinyasa : life is cycles of waves, learn to surf
Yoga : life is a unified field, relax into oneness
Parinama : life is change, be open
Spanda : life is vibrating consciousness, awaken
Shakti : life is creative energy, celebrate your essence
Unmesa : life contracts, have no fear
Nimesa : life expands, transform limitations
Tala : life is rhythm, find your pulse
Prasara : life is flow, ride the wave
Rasa : Life is full of juice, savor each moment
Prema : Life is infinite love, burst the dam swim
Sukha : Life is inherent happiness, embody joy without external needs
Sangha : life is community, participate fully
Mandala : life is wholeness, be and see 360 degrees
Bindu : life returns and emerges from the conscious seed, bow to the source
Nataraj : life is an eternal dance, om namah shivaya

~ Shiva

Prana Flow

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