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Three Jewels of the Practice: PranaDandaYoga Meditation


Three Jewels of the Practice

Prana Danda Yoga Meditation

Connect with your inner danda ....

Cultivate meditative stability within stillness and motion as a 5 foot staff is engaged as a sacred support and reflection of one’s one inner danda and the flowering of the lotus in the heart. The practice begins in seated meditation and rises in circulating movement with the staff and returns for a long-sitting practice.

The combination of body positions, movements, and visualizations, supported by the symbolism of the staff, are a special technique for replacing habitual thought patterns with awareness suffused with loving kindness. This is the best and easiest way to meditate without the need to control your thoughts

PDY meditation is an antidote to lethargy, stress, inadequacy, discontentment, projection and distraction. It guides us to our center, to stand grounded, in balance, connected to our internal power and inner goodness.

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“A man needs a little madness, or else he never dares cut the rope and be free.”
–Nikos Kazantzakis

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