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PranaDandaYoga: Upcoming Trainings


Upcoming Trainings

June 23 - 27 | Santorini, Greece - learn more here

August 8 - 10 | Kripalu, Lenox MA -
learn more here

August 17 - 20 | Exhale, Venice CA -
learn more here

Prana Danda Yoga is an empowering and fluid way for to awaken your inner danda (staff, energetic spine) by engaging with the outer danda (a specially designed 5 foot staff) as an ally of meditation and movement that unifies body, energy and mind. Integrating an actual staff with a Prana Flow® vinyasa sequence hones your presence, refines coordination, creates deeper, energetic alignment and primal connection. 

Learn the philosophy and fundamentals of PDY as a embodied ritual practice and as a sacred support for asana, meditation, dance and flow.

Intensives Includes:

* Core Prana Danda Meditation and 9 round Nadi Shodana 
* Two Sequences (Scanning the Horizon, Heaven & Earth)
* 3 Kriyas of PDY (Two, Four and FIve Beat Flow)
* Hands- on Assists with Danda for deep backbends, greater alignment in standing asanas
* Partner work in the PranaDandaYoga flow

Must have 200-hour certification to teach and ongoing online participation for certification.

For more information please contact

“A man needs a little madness, or else he never dares cut the rope and be free.”
–Nikos Kazantzakis

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