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Costa Rica

Teacher Training


Teacher Training Details

Evolutionary Vinyasa - 200-300-500-hour Pathways of Prana Flow Teacher Training

Join Shiva Rea, Demetri Velisarius  and teachers from around the world and experience the “roots and evolution of vinyasa” in the natural paradise of Costa Rica.

Come for a week or for an entire 14- or 21-day program and deepen the way you breathe, move, teach and flow in the yoga of life. Evolutionary Vinyasa Teacher Training Program is for aspiring and seasoned teachers as the introduction to a wholistic, energetic approach to living and teaching Vinyasa is a way of guiding the flow of our body, practice and life.

Deepen and evolve your personal practice and embodiment of yoga and take your teaching to the next level. Our Living Flow Ashram is a community-based, dynamic, creative, and rejuvenative approach to teacher training. You will begin teaching the first day and leave empowered to begin practice teaching or elevating your current teaching.

As part of the Prana Flow Namaskars and Wave Sequences of the “40 Namaskar-64 Sequence” movement alchemy system, you will learn four classical and 10 prana vinyasa  namaskars, 20 transformational and balanced wave sequences, energetic alignment and hands-on assists in our unique living vinyasa training and gain powerful teaching tools for creative and effective sequencing of the flow of yoga from an elemental and solar-lunar base.

Daily flow & teacher training features ~
* morning meditation, wisdom sacred text study and life-journal
* morning surf, swim, ocean walks,
* three meals of amazing organic local food and fresh tropical fruits
* 2.5 hour Transformational Solar Energetic Vinyasa System
* Afternoon adventures and rest
* Evolutionary Pathways of Prana Flow Sequencing-Hands-on Teacher Training Lab
* Sunset Lunar Prana Flow & Prana Danda Yoga
* Evening Programs – Bonfire Mantra, Ayurvedic Massage, Sahaja Vinyasa/Yoga Trance Dance
* Special rituals for the New Moon-Winter Solstice Fire Ceremony, New Year’s Eve (with Jai Uttal’s retreat and Full Moon
* Living Flow - Prana Flow - Applying Vinyasa in Daily Life through Ayurvedic Dinacharya and Lifestyle (Daily and Seasonal) Rhythms
* Online support offers 10 (1.5 hour video practices) for your continuing practice.
* Each week learn five namaskars & five new solar-lunar prana vinyasa sequences teaching tools for creative and effective sequencing of the flow of yoga. Our online practice support, year-long meditation and feedback system

Early Bird Special: Book for 2 or 3 weeks by includes a massage every week by special Blue Spirit therapist in the jungle massage huts

Teacher Training Outline

Three Weeks - Complete 200 hour Teacher Training and 180 hours towards 300 hour
Two Weeks - Core Immersions of 200/300/500 hour training
One Week - Individual Modules towards 200/300/500 hours

Modules Include:

- Week One Dec 19 - 26:
     Soma Prana Vinyasa & Teaching Flow/Mandala of Asanas Lab
- Week Two Dec 26 – Jan 2:
     Tantra Chakra Vinyasa & Teaching Flow/Mandala of Asanas Lab
- Week Three Jan 2 - 9, 2016:
     Wave Flow Arts – Fluid Power Vinyasa- Teaching Flow/Mandala of Asanas Lab

Daily Options: Meditation, Ocean Flow (Swim, Surf), Prana Danda Yoga, Yoga Nidra

Year-Long Support
Our unique program also provides year-long support for living vinyasa through Samudra's Global Online program with Shiva and a community of amazing teachers from around the world.

Online Courses Required for Certification ~
Roots – Foundation Pathway of Prana Flow
Art of Teaching Namaskar
Mandala of Asanas
Elemental Vinyasa
Chakra Vinyasa

register for the retreat by August 1st to receive these required online certification courses at 50% off

Please see for all inspiring pre-training information, reading materials and online courses to support your journey.

200/500 RYT - Yoga Alliance Certification
•This course is approved by the Yoga Alliance at the 200/500 hour level. The entire three weeks offers the 180 hours (60 hours each week) for a 200 hour or to be applied to 300-500 hour for Yoga Alliance Certification Curriculum.


Inner Nectar - Rejuvenation through Soma Prana Vinyasa and the Inner Arts of Yoga
This Transformational Immersion offers a meditative, rejuvenating, lunar approach through vinyasa.

Soma Prana Vinyasa is dedicated to the healing lunar arts of yoga through meditative vinyasa. This immersion is centered around a regenerative practice that is one-half meditative prana vinyasa namaskars and deep lunar mudrasanas (long holds) and one-half inner arts of meditation, mantra, mudra, self-massage and deep shavasana. Soma is connected to the inner water, ojas (essence, vitality and amrita as the sublime nectar of healing) – the energy that can green a desert, and restore love.

This new Prana Vinyasa class format is distilled from 24 years of evolution of vinyasa and is the first module (part one) to offer how to teach lunar vinyasa as a balancing, healing approach to transforming stress and tensions, cultivating ojas and circulating nectar.

In this intensive you will learn three prana soma vinyasa sequences for regeneration that incorporate these elements of a Soma Prana Vinyasa™ practice:
•    Lunar Prana Vinyasa Namaskars for cultivating movement meditation, fluidity, rejuvenation
•    lunar mudrasanas – long holds in forward bends, inversions, restorative and supine asanas
•    meditation -  mantra, mudra, and contemplation
•    opening and closing chants for regeneration
•    sahaja prana flow – healing flow of spontaneous movement
•    pranayama – lunar breath flows and other prana kriyas
•    wisdom sutras from the tantras and universal wisdom to bring into class
•    prana nadi self-massage  - with massage tools, sacred touch and optional essential oils or ayurvedic oils
•    life-practices for cultivating ojas through ayruveda
•    Continued study and support through three-month to one-year online program that integrates the transformation of lunar vinyasa into your daily life.


Experience an immersion to tend the inner fire through the transformative full-spectrum practice of Chakra Vinyasa integrated with sublime teachings and meditations of the earliest Tantras.

Our journey will move through the Chakra Prana Vinyasa sequences refined over the last decade and integrated with the teachings and meditations from the earliest Tantra. Each day we will explore chakra prana vinyasa sequences to balance and liberate your system integrating chakra mandala namaskar, circular sequencing, chakra-based meditation, mantra, mudra, and yoga nidra (deep relaxation). We will also integrate movement meditations from prana vinyasa for exploration and embodiment.

Through this practical and inspirational exploration of the chakra system and yogic body, we will develop a transformative approach to the body mandala and learn to assess our imbalances and translate this into practical vinyasa yoga sequences for our self, private students, group classes and living the flow of yoga.

In a world where we can see the disconnecting effects of a “dim fire” or the burn out of the “excessive fire”, inner firekeeping is an all-encompassing metaphor for the yoga of householder life.  The chakra system brings together the alchemy for tending the fire of the many dimensions of ourselves – root to heart to crown, inner and outer. Our mission is to emerge nourished and inspired with tools to deepen your practice, teaching living yoga.

Our immersion includes:

• Prana Vinyasa Movement Alchemy –Chakra Vinyasa sequencing in balance
• Four Chakra Mandala Namaskars – Circular Namaskars (muladhara to anahata chakra)
• Four Chakra Prana Vinyasa Sequences adapted to all levels
• Chakra Namaskar™ – Integrated Namaskar for all levels
• Subtle-Body Flow– Embodying the solar, lunar and central channel
• Intro to the History of the Chakra System & Realizing our Quantum Vibratory Body  
• Daily Tantric Chakra, Mantra and Mudra based Meditation
• Empowering Teaching Labs

Program includes optional registration in Samudra Global Online Chakra Vinyasa course; History and Evolution of the Chakras and Meditation with Christopher Tompkins.

FLUID POWER ~ Wave Flow & Living Vinyasa

In this immersion, dive into a regenerative retreat to align ourselves with the emergence of the new year and reconnect with the rhythms of nature through the fluid yoga of Prana Vinyasa. We will integrate a liberating, philosophically and physiologically grounded approach to fluid movement and flow into their practice and teaching.
Learn Shiva’s fluid, dynamic approaches to yoga, movement, and healing and participate in the creative quantum intelligence that guides our evolution from within as a natural path to freedom.

Our immersion includes:

* Morning tantric-based meditation
• Micro-meditations to stay connected to the flow while living yoga
* Daily regenerative prana vinyasa flow –the water-based prana vinyasa namaskars and sequences for fluid strength, flexibility, unwinding of tensions, and creative flow
• Development of class openings and mini-vinyasas for beginning and mixed-level classes that cultivate wave motion and fluid body
* Daily prananadi self-massage techniques with ayurvedic abhyanga (oil massage) for flexibility, longevity and embodied consciousness
• Integration of mantra, pranayama, chanting and music to release the vibratory song of the body
• Understanding of the fluid/pranic body for balancing and healing the stresses of life in the twenty-first century
• Accessible exploration of yogic philosophy through the celebrated tantric texts, Vijnana Bhairava Tantra and Spanda Karikas, as well as poetry to deepen the living connection to prana-shakti, life force
* Evening session of “melting into motion - sahaja yoga trance dance”  

Embodying the Flow + Mandala of Asanas Teaching Labs
Each week of our teacher training immersion will include teaching labs for Embodying the Flow and Mandala of Asanas.

Evolutionary Vinyasa Teacher Training Program is for aspiring and seasoned teachers as the introduction to a wholistic, energetic approach to teaching vinyasa as more than a technique or style of yoga but a way of guiding the flow of our body, practice and life.

Based upon the teachings of Krishnamacharya's lineage, Tantra, Sacred Arts, Ayurveda, Bhakti and Somatics, 200-500 Evolutionary Vinyasa Teacher Training models the synthesis approach to integrating the roots and evolution of living yoga that Shiva has been pioneering for over 20 years of teaching in the fertile soil of LA's yoga community and annual retreats to India.

Teaching vinyasa is an art that requires a teacher to develop related tools using their voice, hands-on assists, observation and energetic attunement to provide guidance that facilitates the state of flow of a class. In this week-long immersion, you will
learn the energetic alignment for core asanas within the Mandala of Asanas™ based upon an integrated understanding of 1) the movements of Prana; 2) embodied practical anatomy; 3) how to open and strengthen the core structures of embodiment.

Teaching Labs include:
Embody Prana Vinyasa Wave Sequences
•    Teaching the rhythm and flow of our breathing body as synched with the universal pulse
•    Embodying the Sun-Moon for balancing active-meditative states within yoga and life
*    Learn the Wave of a Class – Leading Class Openings and Movement Meditation
•    Asanas as Mudras – Intro to the Energetics and Poetry of the Body
•    Hands-on assist and teaching cues for core asanas
•    Prana Flow Three-Part Vinyasa method for teaching alignment in the flow
•    Daily Meditation and Pranayama and the basics for personal practice and teaching
•    * Daily Tantric-based meditation and yoga nidra for regeneration.

Roots-Evolution Background
•    The philosophical roots of Vinyasa Yoga and the embodiment of tantric hatha yoga
•    The Origins of Sun Salutations and Evolution of Prana Flow Namaskars
•    Embodying Prana – Understand five movements of Prana underlying all of the asanas and movements of nature
•    Living Vinyasa - the micro-macro cycles that guide living flow and the wave of a vinyasa flow class
•    Learning Krishnamacharya's principles of Vinyasa Krama

Mandala of Asanas -Essential Tools for Teaching Vinyasa
Energetic Alignment™, Hands-on Assists, Vinyasa Krama, Prana Flow Three-Part Vinyasa™, and Wave-Sequencing™ for 108 asanas
•    Learn Prana Flow Wave Sequencing for Five Solar Sequences for backbends and arm balances and Five Lunar Sequences for deep flexibility and regeneration.
•    Learn to teach energetic alignment with skill, effectiveness, fluency, and creativity.
•    Work with Prana Flow Three-Part Vinyasa Method and Vinyasa Krama to teach to all levels.
•    Experience Prana Vinyasa method of hands-on assists and "enhancements"
•    Self and partner massage for regeneration and learning muscles, joints and boney landmarks of the body relevant to practice.

About Samudra Global School for Living Yoga Certification Program

Our celebrated unique and effective Evolutionary Vinyasa Teacher Training programs offer a creative full-spectrum approach to the art of living and embodying the flow of yoga. Students learn to embody and teach yoga with connection to the roots of yoga and evolution of the Prana Flow – Energetic Vinyasa System of Practice.

From the core foundational modules Embodying the Flow and Mandala of Asanas, students then form a program from the advanced, elective and online programs that allow a student to:

•    Shape their personal and professional interest with specialties in ayurveda, tantra, bhakti, pre-natal vinyasa, creative core, flow arts, yoga trance dance, prana danda yoga and kalarippayatu;

•    Incorporate travel and pilgrimage into their studies by taking modules on retreats in India, Costa Rica, Greece, Europe and other locations;

•    Be part of an online community of practitioners that connects live around the globe;

•    Develop your sva dharma – life purpose through your teacher training program, including sacred activism.

As part of the program you learn:

•    Learn to practice and teach the Pathways of Prana Flow® practice for effective, creative and transformational classes to all levels from beginner to intermediate and all walks of life.

•    Learn up to 40 Prana Flow® Namaskars from the classical roots with different bhavana (feeling states), energetic and physical purposes.

•    Up to 64 Prana Flow “Pathways of Flow” Energetic Vinyasa sequences following Prana Flow Movement Alchemy from the solar-lunar as well as elemental, chakra, rasa and sahaja pathways.

•    Opportunity for specialty certificates: become an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant (300-500 hour level) or learn to teach PranaDandaYoga®, Pre-Natal Vinyasa, Yoga Trance Dance, Fluid Creative Core (online program).

•    Understanding of Prana Flow® Movement Alchemy and Wave Sequencing™ - to teach from the art of yoga, for all-levels and rhythms of the year.

Prana Vinyasa Flow Yoga is an energetic, creative, full-spectrum approach to embodying the flow of yoga cultivated by Shiva Rea and the Global Vinyasa Collective of Teachers. Students of all levels are empowered to experience prana - the universal source of breath, life-energy and conscious intelligence - as the navigating source of yoga practice and vital living. Practitioners learn classical and innovative approaches to vinyasa yoga and the state of flow drawn from Krishnamacharya's teachings, Tantra, Ayurveda, Bhakti, Somatics and Shiva's teaching experience from the last fifteen years.

Please see for all required preparatory training information, reading materials and online courses to support your journey.

These courses are approved by the Yoga Alliance at the 200/500 hour level. Each 60-hour course is part of Shiva Rea's 200/500 hour Yoga Alliance Certification Curriculum


Please email to register for this retreat and to submit your deposit. We look forward to hearing from you!


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