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Summer Solstice Transformational Teacher Training Retreat


June 7th - 29th (Delphi & Santorini)

Awaken the power of the Summer Solstice with a transformational Evolutionary Prana Vinyasa retreat in Greece at two of the most sacred natural power centers in the world: Delphi and the volcanic island of Santorini.

In Delphi, we will stay a walk away from the site of the ancient oracle, Athena and Apollo temples and Casilla springs in the mountainside Greek village that overlooks the sea in the distance and olive groves that are thousands of years old. We will immerse in the the power of embodying the sacred flow and learning the foundation solar-lunar namaskars, sequences and inner arts of Prana Vinyasa Yoga Movement Alchemy. Mythic Mt. Parnassus will tower over us as the landscape where the earliest worship of the Great Mother, Ge (Gaia) is still alive in her springs and sacred caves, and the song, dance and poetry connected with Dionysus, Apollo, Nymphae and the ecstatic Maenads (female practitioners) of the ancient world still vibrate in this sacred power center. 

From Delphi, there is a day to visit Athens on your own or explore the area before the next seven or fourteen day journey that begins living on the edge of the world's most powerful volcano of the last 10,000 years - Santorini.

Join Shiva and Demetri for a Mediterranean summer retreat living on the edge of the mythic volcanic island of Santorini. In our journey leading to the full moon and Summer Solstice, we will regenerate with intensive elemental vinyasa of Prana Flow, swimming in the center of the volcano, soaking up the Aegean light and relaxation on red and black beaches, prana runs up the Oia steps, the Greek rhythm of life, and memories that will last a lifetime.

Retreat includes transformational Prana Vinyasa and optional teacher training with Shiva Rea; sunrise meditation; daily brunch plus opening and closing ceremonial dinners, a group sailing to the center of  the volcanic hot-springs; pilgrimage to the ancient mesa of Skaros and Ancient Thira and accommodations  in the volcanic cliff-top village of Oia.


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