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Teacher Training

Teacher Training: Maya Tulum

Prana Danda Yoga™ - Flow Arts Teacher Training

Darshan of the Danda
PranaDandaYoga Practice Intensive and Teacher Training

PranaDandaYogatm is an empowering and fluid way for to awaken your inner danda (staff, energetic spine) by engaging with the outer danda an ally of meditation and movement that unifies body, energy and mind. Integrating an actual staff with a Prana Flow® vinyasa sequence sharpens attention, refines coordination, creates deeper, energetic alignment and primal connection.

Learn the philosophy and fundamentals of PDY as a embodied ritual practice, a sacred support for asana, meditation, dance and flow.

Making your own danda and initiation
Core prana danda meditation and 9 round Nadi Shodana
Three Sequences (Scanning the Horizon, Entering the Gate, Heaven & Earth)
7 Kriyas of PDY (Two, Four and FIve Beat Flow, Metronome, Turning the Wheel, Unfolding Wings, Embodied Cross)
Hands- on Assists with Danda for deep backbends
Partner work
* Comes with Manual, DVD and online support.

Receive 40 hours credit for 200-500 (counts towards Fluid Power)
includes all retreat practices and meditations

* daily prana danda yoga practice
* daily Kalari Vinyasa-Kalarippayatu practice
* daily prana flow - energetic vinyasa and sunrise, sunset meditation
* yoga trance dance

Extra Two Hour Sessions a day (afternoons free for downtime except pilgrimage day)
* Prana Danda Yoga Teacher Training Labs
* Prana Flow Teacher Lab for (Fluid Power Namaskars)

$300 for 40 credit hours
$50 - Workbook and Personalized Prana Danda Ritual

Journey to Chitzen Itza

For the Spring Equinox and throughout the retreat we will be guided by Mayan shaman, including our pilgrimages to local cents and  Chitzen Itza for the spring equinox where the image of a feathered serpent descends along on the northern staircase of the Kulkulkan temple serving as measurement of the movement of the sun throughout the year including  365 steps to the top of the pyramid, one step for each day of the year.

Please call us at (301) 560-0934 or email to register for this retreat and to submit your deposit. We look forward to hearing from you!


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