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Join us for a transformational week of living vinyasa, Prana Flow Arts and pilgrimage to Chitzen-Itza, one of the rare sacred sites attuned to this powerful turning point of the Spring Equinox when the serpent of light emerges from the Kulkulkan Temple. We will revive and nourish in the healing waters of Tulum from the warm Caribbean Ocean to the underground springs of the Cenotes (caves) and the MayanTemescal sweat lodge ceremony. We will live in natural rhythm with deep practice of energetic vinyasa, sunrise and sunset meditation and mantra in the sacred Maya Tulum white sands that connect the the traditional Mayan style palapas and yoga hall with the Caribbean sea.

Optional Prana Flow Arts and Prana Danda Yoga Practice Teacher Training - Immerse in the practice and teaching of Prana Danda Yoga, Kalarippaytu (martial art form from Kerala), and Kalari Vinyasa to awaken your inner energy flow. In this unique training, you will learn the foundational flows and meditation (part one) to be able to teach Prana Danda Yoga. Includes workbook and ongoing online support. 

Learn more about the teacher training here!

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Please contact Melanie Mann at or 888-515-4580 ext 231


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