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2014 Chakra Mantra Vinyasa - New Evolution for Teacher Training - Samudra Global School of Yoga

Thursday, December 19, 2013
Dear Friends,

Thank you for your support of our pre-release party at Exhale. This newsletter is dedicated to our upcoming teacher trainings and online programs at Samudra Global School for Living Yoga and Samudra Global Online.

I am grateful for the Samudra – the great ocean that connects us all.

The vision for Samudra Global School of Living Yoga is an inclusive community of practitioners and teachers around the world with local and online programs to serve the world through many forms of yoga.

I have cultivated Prana Flow®: Energetic Vinyasa with this vision of evolutionary vinyasa that was connected to the source traditions of yoga as wells as the mystic heart from around the world. I have been dedicated to the refinement of the offerings of 40 Namaskars-64 Sequences of Prana Flow® to empower students, teachers, movers and shakers and artists in many fields around the world.

2014 is the year that the book baby is coming out! Tending the Heart Fire – Living in Flow with the Pulse of Life will serve as a guide for our teacher training programs as well as for free and professional courses online. For the first time, this year we are making the Prana Flow® Mandala of Practice – an offering of meditations, Prana Flow® namaskars, pathways of flow vinyasa sequences and living yoga teachings available to the world.

Experience the Pathways of Prana Flow® through the Samudra Global Online school, special local classes at Exhale, Yogadventure retreats, teacher trainings and e-book materials.
There are now affiliate Prana Flow® - Energetic Vinyasa Teacher Training programs and Prana Flow® teachers around the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia and South America.

Please explore the full PULSE catalog of programs for 2014 as there are some changes, refinements and evolutions. There are more details online at the teacher training program of and I am dedicated to creating a rhythm in our Samudra team to serve you all.

I would be grateful for you to please send an email with any feedback you have on our programs, what you would like in the future, your experience with a Prana Flow class, teacher or affiliate program, and with compassion…what needs to improve to; Subject: Samudra Evolution 2014.

May your creative potential flourish and your path be blessed.

Shine On,
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