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Autumn Equinox - United Nations Peace Day

Friday, September 23, 2011
Dear Friends,

Today, United Nations Peace Day, always is on the Autumn Equinox - the time of equal balance and the gateway into the "dark half of the year" until the Spring Equinox when the seeds that are planted for the New Year emerge and give life again. Today is one of the great fire festivals of the Druid-Celtic tradition, the beginning of the Eleusian Mysteries in Ancient Greece when Persephone goes into the underworld and the time before the new moon which begins the great sadhana periods of Navaratri and the Jewish High holidays.
Originally, Thanksgiving was on October 3rd until Abraham Lincoln and then FDR moved the holiday back to stimulate the economy!

Let us give thanks for the harvest of life and all that has sustained your body, home, family, community, your heart, inspiration and passion.

I give thanks for you all and the fire I see in your spirit, heart and eyes, your support for yoga energy activism (our last public outreach week) and the Global Mala Project and for the breath we have shared together. This is the time of wisdom and gathering your energy and affirming the power of community.  If you're interested in learning more about Global Mala and hosting your own event, please visit  

May the power of your intentions and fire-keeping throughout the year continue to thrive.
Bring on the persimmons and squash, gold, red and orange leaves, crisp air and warm heart.
Let the season begin!

May there be peace in the North, South, East and West, above, below and in the center of our hearts.

Love all ways
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