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Be part of Global Solstice Movement Meditation that creates a yoga wave around the globe!

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Dear Friends,

Just over a week ago, I was asked by my friends Chris Decker, founder of Earthdance and the UPLIFT2012 and Stephen Dinan of The Shift Network and BIRTH2012 as well as Debra Guisti of the Synthesis Festival at Chitzen Itza to help spread the word about the worldwide meditations that are happening over four days and concentrated around the Sosltice Dec. 21-22nd. 

The Global Mala Project is assisting in spreading the word of this simple action:
Offer your meditation as part of the positive emerging collective consciousness that is being held by indigenous leaders, spiritual communities, gatherings at sacred sites, yoga malas in yoga studios, family and personal meditation.

Please join us in your own way wherever you are around the world to be part of the meditations going on over the Solstice weekend. My homepage at has information on how to lead a yoga mala.

1) Whether you will be in your own home or want to gather community or perhaps are already offering a Solstice class, please connect with and sign-up your event. 
2) Please  forward the flyer to anyone in your community to help spread the word. Click here to view / download
3) Please forward on Facebook. Click here to connect to the event.
4) If you are in the Los Angeles area, please join us at Exhale. Details here.

Thank you for your connection and helping to spread the word. I am here to support any goodwork you are offering.

Love all ways,
Yours in Service


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