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Bhakti Momentum and Temple of Rasa Gratitude

Friday, September 17, 2010
Dear Friends on the Bhakti Path,

We are in ritual-festival mode as we leave today for the sacred 700 acre Tara Mandala to begin the Yab Yum retreat in honor of Lama Tsultrim and her beloved David Petit. We will also be connecting with people all around the world who are engaged in prayer and raising funds and consciousness for Global Mala Project, YogAid, Peace Week and more on Saturday - the Fall Equinox - which is also UN INternational Peace Day. We will also be rocking it for energy activism at the PULSE 108! Yogatrancedance - the first ever at Estes Park for the Full Moon.

And today is Yom Kippur - the day of at-one-ment, fasting, clearing our inner path and relations to all. Gratitude to Cosmic Navigator/Teacher and Astrologist,  Gahl Sasson for sharing his wisdom. Read below to connect to this sacred day. We will be sending you the PULSE! throughout this week to honor this sacred cycle.
For those of you who participated in Bhakti Fest or wanted to go, our media artist extraordinaire, Jenay Martin has put together a video of highlights from Bhakti Fest which was an extraordinary gathering of the love that connects us all and flourishes in the flow of bhakti yoga. The over 108 hours of continuous kirtan, mantra, dance and the the epic yoga sessions along with seva for all made Bhakti Fest a totally transformative event.

We are grateful for all of the Prana Flow teachers, Jennifer Ellen Mueller, Melanie Foust, Monica Mesa, Logynn Northrip, Robin Clements, Cosetta Romani and Kristen Townsend who helped create the Temple of Rasa as a resting place for rasikas where we got to massage the feet of some of our beloved collaborators/artists friends Bob Wisdom, Dave Stringer, Lorin Roche, Suzanne Sterling, John DeKadt.  

Also a great bow to the musicians who raised the vibration of our Ritual Bhakti Vinyasa collective sessions/classes Donna DeLory, Bob Wisdom, Arjun Baba, John DeKadt, Benjy Wertheimer, Suzanne Sterling, Mayapuris, Gaura Vani, Joey Lugassy, Craig Kohland, Fabian Alsutany, David Duke Mushroom, HariBol Das, Ben Isaacs, DJ Nagaraja aka Demetri, Fantuzzi. Also our pranams for our dear friends Mayapuris and Tantric rasikas Chris Tompkins, Lorin Roche and Demetri Velisarius for helping to initiate Bhakti Fest under the stars at Joshua Tree National Monument. Finally Kristen Townsend for her joyous seva to support the PULSE! at Bhakti Fest and beyond in these newsletters. She caught a spontaneous moment of the ever Krishnafied Gaura Vani and I dancing together for MC Yogi's stellar set.  

I bow to you all and give thanks to you and all of the amazing bhaktas we met on the path. The bhakti bhav continues with classes and retreats including Thanksgiving at Joshua Tree with Arjun Baba and New Year's Costa Rica retreat with Dave Stringer. Without the conscious leadership of Sridhar Silberfein and his amazing staff including Shiva Baum and Prana Flow grad, Janet Marley and Cristi Christensen of Exhale who sponsored the YogaDome and our Samudra office team, we would not be able to serve the flow. We also give thanks to our larger partners, BhaktiFest, Firefly Designs, Anjenaya Imagery, Amir Image, Namaste Interactive, prAna, Exhale, MindBody, Mantrology, Mandala Publishing, Melodia, Java Juice, Health Force, and SweetNuit who continue to create synergy in service.  

A special bow to Radhnath Swami for gracing us with his deep authentic love and contagious bhakti spirit at Bhakti Fest and for our class honoring RadhaKrishna.

Blessings to all...let us be guided by the all transforming nectar of love through all of the phases, tastes, rhythms of life - smooth and rough, joyous and difficult, simple and abundant.

Loving You All Ways!

Rain commented on 19-Sep-2010 09:43 AM
it sounds like the Bhaktifest was an event to be at! i wish i could have joined you! seen you're tattoo on your back in the photo at the bottom of your post and i wanted to know if anyone has a close up of it? as always, much love and thanks to you for your wisdom and energy! namaste, rain om shanti
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