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Diwali 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011
Dear Friends,

Diwali is the celebration of Sri and the blessing of one's inner and outer space with the light of consciousness - a time of community feast and sharing.

We are initiating a 10-day cycle at Exhale celebrating Diwali, the great 5-day festival of lights beginning tonight with our fluidpower-chakravinyasa teacher training with amazing people from all over the world.
As a gift to you, we are having some wonderful kirtan artists for our public classes.

We are also offering for our yogadventurers a Diwali gift if you register during this auspicious season
between tomorrow's new moon, Oct. 26th and the full moon of 11-11-11. We are offering a special Blue Spirit Massage as this will be an amazing retreat that sold out last year. Flights start to get into the New Year prices so we want to encourage anyone who wants to join us for our pranafication retreat to make your deposit earlier.

We will also be honoring the Samhain-Halloween cycle with a semiprivate "movers and shakers - come as your tribal-self early halloween party" that we are not putting out to the public just our PULSE list and Exhale
students as we only have 25 spaces. See below if you would like to join our moving meditation and Amir Magal will be joining us for tribal body art from 7:30-8:00.

Love your inner and outer house - clearing and cleaning.
Light your inner and outer lamps to invoke the auspicious current in your space.
Pray for all to generate meaningful prosperity, long-life and creative power for all.
Om Param Jyotyai Namaha!
We honor Sri as the great radiance!

Diwali Blessings
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