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Extraordinary Opportunities

Monday, May 21, 2012
Dear Friends,

I hope you were able to feel the annular solar eclipse yesterday, even if you weren't able to see it.  We were gathered in Venice and the fog that cam in allowed us to have a vision of the eclipse.  That rare alignment will not come again in southern CA until 2071 - a reminder to catch extraordinary opportunities when they come.  

There are a few of these opportunities coming ahead: one is with being able to study the Siva Sutras with Dr. Paul Muller Ortega no matter where you are in the world.  This accessible online course of three sessions begins June 2nd.  Please see for more information and ways to connect with this master teacher of Shaiva Tantra and deep meditation.  His teachings have been an inspiration for me for many years and his classical Triadic Heart of Siva has been part of our reading list within our teacher training.

Another opportunity is to be with Chris Tompkins who is just back from Kashmir where he was able to bring back scanned copies of the ancient texts of the early Tantras that have never been translated.  He will be teaching this week during our teacher training and is offering a workshop this Sunday.  If you are local, it's not to be missed.  

I will be offering a few public classes in the Chakra Vinyasa cycle this week before heading to film a DVD project in Santorini and Stonehenge.

Stoke your creative fires because this is the last waxing moon cycle in the Uttaryana (the period of increasing light).

Love All Ways,

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