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Friday Meditations upon Shakti - Special offer for MD and Costa Rica Retreats

Friday, October 11, 2013
Dear Friends,

Sending you love from Kerala.  Here is a meditation for Navaratri and upcoming programs.

Om Sri Prana Datryai Namaha - I bow to the Giver of Life

Enjoy this regenerative meditation with a simple pause.
Let us relax thinking mind for an inner drink from the Source.
Stream your eyes into your heart and relax your jaw and palette of your mouth.
Visualize a nourishing bath from the crown of your head of any healing quality:
coconut water, honey, nectar.
Feel this sublime nourishment pouring down to every cell through your inner and outer body.
Connect with the revitalizing energy of life at the heart of nature.
Transmute the poisons of stress and toxins by your own inner alchemy.

Today is the shift into the next three days dedicated to Ma Saraswati, the creative energy of supreme regeneration also referred as Sri Sharada Devi (see below info on Chris Tompkins's 1000 names translation project).

Please join us for this special retreat on East Coast till May of 2014.
We have an amazing community coming of almost 100 folks but we have plenty of space so we are opening up individual classes within retreat for those who cannot attend the whole retreat.

Love All Ways,

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