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Full Moon - Hanuman Jayanti

Friday, April 26, 2013
Full Moon - Hanuman Jayanti
We tried to get this greeting to you yesterday, but unfortunately were experiencing some technical difficulties.  Alas!  We are settling back in Solstice Canyon for the next six weeks for Living Flow – Energetic Vinyasa where 70 yogi/inis from around the world will live energetic vinyasa for ten days in Venice, CA. We have special classes with a few spaces below including upcoming PranaDandaYoga classes and online course. The new courses for Elemental Vinyasa corresponding with our current course will begin next week.
We are looking forward to the collective spirit for Wanderlust in the City in SF and Shakti Fest with our special Monday Temple of Rasa with Dave Stringer and Donna de Lory.
Otherwise, you can find us at home with Jai fertilizing the soil.

Let us pause to drink the saffron moon,
big hearted primal monkey blessings
taking refuge in love

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