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Full Moon Blessings - New Samudra Online Courses - India Registration Open

Thursday, October 17, 2013
Dear Friends,

We are back from India landing in D.C. just in time for the shutdown to be over. We are committed more than ever to the rhythms of yoga in our changing world. We will be unplugging this weekend with our D.C. retreat to honor the full moon tomorrow.

Please see our offerings coming up for Diwali at Exhale and online. We love Kerala so much that we are going back in February for the largest gathering of women in the world (last year was 10.5 million) to light the fire to cook for all from the main Shakti temple in Trivandrum. We will not be doing a full teacher training this year (waiting for 2015) but will immerse fully in seven days of Ayurveda treatments and Kalarippayatu as the basis for the Kalari Vinyasa (prep for Kalarippayatu) training.


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