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Fullness - Book Baby - Last Full Moon of the Year

Wednesday, December 18, 2013
Dear Friends,

The last full moon of the year leading to the Winter Soltice has been full for all of us.
This week has been extraordinary: beginning with the TEDx Desire talk on Sunday, the arrival of a few hundred pre-advance book babies for our Fire of Love book release - Soul Kirtan party, the closing of my grandparents' lineage home yesterday from my grandpa's passing 40 some days ago and now sending the first batch of books out to the world.

Until you pass through a process you really have no idea of how much it becomes a part of you. Whether books or places, people or music, we get "moved" and we are always connected. So here are some gratitude moments for me:

Thank you to C.C. White for her love of love and her amazing blessing of the book as we celebrated life and love. I am still hearing her song she secretly created. Thank you to  the amazing band members that night including my longest LA friend Bob Wisdom and Demetri's son Niko. Divine1 blessed us with a Sitar Serenade and Pan Trinity Das' Nelson Mandela painting was part of the Fire of Love altar. Thank you to all the wonderful long time friends who came out and for the wonderful Prana Flow teachers who came to be part of the party and who helped. Thank you to my son who came out during finals, for all my family and my beloved Demetri who stokes my heart fire always.

I love you all. Thank you for staying with the process and helping spread the word for the January 1st release on Amazon and SoundsTrue.

2014 brings more connection with friends and family and at the same larger scale activations including Austin Jan. 10, Ignites for Yoga Journal San Francisco Jan. 18 and Feb 1st Temple of Rasa at Exhale, Venice.

We leave for our Solstice and New Year retreat to Costa Rica on Thursday (see you there!)

In gratitude
full moon blessings

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