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Happy Beltane 2012

Tuesday, May 01, 2012
Dear Friends,

Beltane is the great bon-fire ritual-fest -  the last of the Spring awakening festivals - marking the half-way point between the Equinox and Summer Solstice some 6 weeks away from today. We had a beautiful gathering on the top of Corral Canyon culminating the men and women's gathering with our May Pole made from the land - the Yucca stalk and wild spring flowers (decorated with Genius by Lauren Hanna and Carole Westerman). The Maypole upon the earth is the Lingam-Yoni union of the masculine and feminine.

To celebrate this integration, we will be in an all-day immersion this coming Full-moon at Yoga Tree joined by Hamsa Lila members Vir McCoy and Evan Fraser. We will be offering this Tandava-Lasya as part of Shakti Fest in a few weeks - the great Bhakti festival in the desert.

Whereever you are, light a Beltane fire today or with this weekend's full moon, honor the shivalinga that you can see rising everywhere including in our own bodies, spine and heart.

Blessings in all directions,

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