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Honoring our Ancestors

Monday, September 26, 2011
Dear Friends,

Today is a huge day in India to honor your ancestors (pitra paksha). Tears of rememberance streamed down my face honoring my Grandma and Mama on my ancestor altar. Bring them to your heart or altar today. Offer light and little nourishment (literally food) on your altar or give your memory from your heart as an offering. They will come alive in you. What they gave us with love - the light and the shadow - is a precious gift. Let us remember and offer back our life, our actions, our tenderness and love.

Tomorrow is the new moon and the beginning of Navaratri, New Moon and on Wednesday Rosh Hashanah. Please join us at Exhale for a special Tuesday night new moon candlelit class. We will begin with one of the oldest mediations in the world revived in this moment as a "movers and shakers meditation" and then deep Prana Flow® practice to enter this auspicious cycle.

This will be my only public class until Oct 11th (on writing retreat) but Demetri and I are finally offering a sacred training series with PranaDandaFlow™ and Kalari for three weeks beginning this Saturday. We will flow from there to the Opening Ceremonies of the World Festival of Sacred Music created by one of the most amazing beings in the world, my teacher and mentor from the Department of World Arts and Cultures, Judy Mitoma. It is an amazing festival (see below) and the Honoring the Sea began a long time ago and brings together cultures to honor the mother in direct ritual. My beloved Candomble dance teacher, Vida Vierra, with whom we began the Honoring the Sea ritual, will be there. Not to be missed if you are a local.

Also, a quantum namaste to anyone I may have see in the last few weeks - the encounters and sessions from this Summer beginning in Stonehenge, London, Santorini, Kripalu, Wanderlust, Lotus Feed, Burning Man, Bhakti Fest, Yoga Journal, and Earthdance really moved my heart.

We will be diving deep in the Living Yoga Sadhana™ group and Navaratri group (last chance to join is today) for the holidays which begin tomorrow.

Wherever you may be, light the inner fire.

May we all stay connected
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