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Join YEA 2011

Wednesday, September 14, 2011
Dear Friends,

I'm back in Venice this week, starting the fall flow, returning from Burning and the magnificent Bhakti Festivals.  These are the last two weeks of Yoga Energy Activism outreach for the week of September 18th - 25th.

We're dedicating our next two weeks to spreading the word of YEA - please extend an invitation to your communities to participate taking an energy fast-Sabbath for a day.  Our main goals are to reduce consumption, reduce waste, and increase awareness in our homes and in our communities.  These YEA regeneration days are days to take a technology fast, create meals that produce no waste, use alternative energy sources, and celebrate the abundance of natural energy and resources all around us with our friends and family.

Please sign up on Facebook - GROUP Name: Yoga Energy Activism - Help spread the word!

Love all ways
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