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Tuesday, February 07, 2012
Dear Friends,

We are heading to Yoga Rocks the Butte, the amazing festival that Monica Mesa of Yoga for the Peaceful in Crested Butte created, with an amazing array of teachers including Demetri Velisarius, Twee Merrigan, Maria Garre, Shannon Paige, Jennifer Ellen Mueller, Micheline Berry, Kelley Doyle, Bonnie Argo, Michelle Bouvier, Rainbow Michael, and Leia Morrison.

A special thank you for an amazing 10-days in Venice with the incredible teacher trainees, local student friends, teacher trainers Gina Caputo, Chanel Luck and a wonderful movers and shakers evening with Globalsonic DJ Fabian Alsultany.

We are offering you many pathways this spring-summer including collaboration with our festival partners starting in April: Yoga Journal, Tadasana, Bhakti Fest, and Wanderlust. Our upcoming in-depth teacher trainings coincide with these festivals creating an inner container for your process that is then part of the collective consciousness.

I will be offering the movers and shakers trance dance this weekend,  for the mind-body breaks at the upcoming TED conference, as well as collaborating with DJ Cheb i Sabbah's revival, Hassan Hakmoun, and Vieux Toure and Idan Rachel at Tadasana. Our Yoga Trance Dance teacher training will take place inside this incredible Earth Day event where we will be launching our Yoga Energy Activtism Solar Latern Project (more info soon).

Also calling all locals on Feb. 19th for the  Maha Shivratri yoga and kirtan sadhana with Dave Stringer followed by a free tele call for all on Shivratri the next evening.

I will be on hiatus from Facebook and emails for the month of February other than the above.

May your creative rhythm be nourished and flourish.
Full Moon Blessings,

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