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July at Exhale and Upcoming Retreats

Thursday, July 12, 2012
Hola Mi Amors!

The summer festival season has begun - Wanderlust was epic and now we are in green Kripalu with an amazing tribe of rhythmic beings for our evolutionary vinyasa retreat including great musicians John de Kadt, Donna de Lory, the Mayapuris and KDZ. I am including a window into our journey in the forest as Visvambar Sheth begins to tell a story of Sri Chaitanya chanting in the forest of Brindavan complete with monkey sounds that I learned from the Memphis Zoo! (Click Here to view)

I will be back in Venice next week for our summer prana flow open sadhana for July and a great pre-Bhakti Fest evening of Soul Kirtan with C.C. White!!!!! Not to be missed and keep your eyes open for a few special guests - session TBA.

keep in your sacred core rhythm
get more raw with the summer warmth
relax your jaw and belly
bond with nature
let the joy current flow

Summer yes!


Also check out the lastest ORIGIN edition that is now available for purchase, with my latest article, "Our Rhythmic Nature" and articles featuring several other Prana Flow teachers
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