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Lotus Feed

Friday, August 05, 2011
Dear Friends on the Path,

Please join us for the Lotus Feed - an amazing energy regeneration day with the Full Moon in natural light, with amazing food straight from Jenay's farm with the one and only Greek southern Grand dame of culinary arts - Cat Cora. She is a yogini and is coming for the day of fun from morning till night in Sonoma, CA. Jenay has made a clay pizza oven and many sacred places on the land for an epic evening for our Northern California friends or anyone who is in the area for a truly magical full moon. I think there are only a few spaces left but we wanted to highlight the amazing work Jenay has done.

We will be initiating the Movers and Shakers Project there (see below) as a way to encourage people to step up to the Green Energy plate. It is fun, wonderful, double reverse activism - do nothing to do something - unplug, tune in and recharge. We will be going for zero waste and living in natural light on Jenay's farm for the full moon. Please join us wherever you are and sign up for Yoga Energy Activism support in your studio for Sept. 21st and Dec. 21st.
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