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New Moon New Year Blessings - Kerala Winter Regeneration Retreat

Wednesday, January 01, 2014
Dear Friends,

New Moon Blessings and Happy New Year and a shout out to friends from the Costa Rica Pranafication Retreat. We want to invite you to our Kerala retreat in February. If you are considering the winter regeneration retreat, it is important to put your visa in motion. I suggest the 10 year option - mine runs out next year and I have been to India now 12 times during that visa cycle.

In February, Thiruvanthapuram (Trivandrum) is the site  for the largest gathering of women in the world (last year was 10.5 million) to light the fire to cook for all from the main Shakti temple in Trivandrum. We will immerse fully in ten days of Ayurveda treatments and Kalarippayatu as the basis for the Kalari Vinyasa (prep for Kalarippayatu) training.

See you down the road of life...

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