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New Samudra Online Course - Exhale Classes - Special Diwali Offering - India Registration Open

Friday, October 25, 2013
Dear Friends,

In Vigil till Diwali November 3rd.

I have been experiencing the power of candlelight vigil as we have been keeping a 24 hour flame for my Grandpa since his passing on Tuesday morning. It is as if our Dias de Los Muertos (Nov. 2nd) altar has begun early on the side of our kitchen table. This is the time to honor the ancestors, making an altar to remember and "feed" those in the spirit world between now and Samhain/Halloween

Then with the New Moon comes "Embodying the Light", a two-week course on Diwali and “Lakshmi Body Puja as Creative Abundance”. This Samudra Online course is about a cellular connection to Sri Shakti and the art of bringing this regenerative energy into your body, home and life (see below).

As part of Diwali, I will be offering my first fall public Prana Flow classes at Exhale on Sunday, November 3rd morning (10:30 – 12:00) and in the ritual candlelit evening (7:30-9:00) honoring Diwali and the New Moon. Please join us in Venice or in cyber space during this very special time to affirm life - the light of energy within each one of us -with full creative power.

Sending you tender love,

Baby Shiva
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