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New Samudra Online Courses - Registration Now Open

Thursday, August 01, 2013
Dear Friends,
We are thrilled to bring you Samudra Online - Global School for Living Yoga. This is a special portal that can be accessed through all mediums - computer, ipad, phone, webtv - that will allow you to stay connected through the rhythm of the year.

Keeping with the spirit of summer, we are offering three programs:
* living in rhythm meditations - for all members for  new-full moon meditations
* annual women's fluid creative core - sacred belly project series for new and return practitioners
* Prana Danda Yoga for all teacher trainees
* Foundation Prana Flow Practice Series - 15 hours of Ten Foundation Solar-Lunar Practices
Our launch for registration is now!  See details below.

These are our heart offerings to you.

Live your passion
Love all ways,

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