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New Year Blessings

Thursday, January 06, 2011
Dear Friends,
New Year's Blessings! Blessed beginning of the New Moon and the Winter Sandhya (sacred time cycle).
We are initiating with the New Moon Amavasya - our new year's journey around the sun and our dance with the waxing and waning moon that will form the basis for our transformational sadhana cycle for householders.

This calendar is a paradigm-shifting view of our journey around the sun that I have been envisioning as a way to take us out of the the grid view of the month and to link the solar and lunar cycles together to experience how the world's transformational holidays are connected. Lisa Firefly - our fantastic Samudra designer and I are working out this proto-type and you are invited to give us feedback AND also join us for our Tending the Sacred Fire online community as we come together in 6-week cycles of sadhana to live our journey around the sun and our heartfire with individual and collective inspiration and authentic community.
Being in the flow of everyday life requires that we flow like nature - that we change with the seasons, the phases of moon, the energy level of our body and the bhava or mood of time of day. This ability to emanate from our center in relationship to external changes gives us freedom in every experience to be in our truth and natural essence. Our living yoga practice is to stay connected to the sacred flow within any circumstance in life - from the challenging to the sublime, the smooth to the rough, the hot to the cool. In vinyasa, we learn to attune ourselves to the sacred flow of our breath, consciousness, devotion, spontaneous wisdom, creativity and truth in every moment.
The ebb and flow of our own inner sun and moon - sometimes bright and sometimes dim - is a reflection of our daily need to align with the rhythms of life. "Tending the Sacred fire" are universal ways we keep our spirit, our inner fire, alive amidst the flow of life. This fire-keeping is at the heart of all yoga practice where in Vedic, Tantric and Ayurvedic traditions practice takes place around a fire altar known as a kundh, literally "womb" where the alchemical processes of purification, death and regeneration are tended to on a daily basis. See our program and teacher training section below for the year for students and aspiring teachers to go deeper in living vinyasa.
When people act from the inner fire of their heart, mountains move, their beauty is piercing. Their truth silences. Their creativity illuminates. Tending the Sacred Fire is learning how  tend the energy of our inner fire in practice and in life.  
I look forward to this journey around the sun with you and tending our sacred fire within and as collective support for all.
Infinite blessings in all directions.
Om Hrim Aginaye Swaha!
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