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PURA Vida - Love from Costa Rica

Sunday, December 29, 2013
Dear Friends,

Our New Year's Pranafication retreat in Nosara, Costa Rica begins tonight. As our Solstice Retreat here at Blue Spirit completes, we are grateful for all as we bonded as an amazing community from around the world and  deepened in the prana flow elemental vinyasa, epic surf, pranadanda, bonfire mantra, yoga trance dance, spontaneous fun, soulful prayers and jungle prana. Last night we began tending the heart fire new year's retreat and there are 108 people here at Blue Spirit. Extraordinary prana flow teachers and those new to movement alchemy are gathering. The kirtan retreat with  Jai, Nubia, Ezra, Vrinda, Vishvambar and baby Naimi who is the little Gopi of my heart are coming. My Jai, Niko and Jeanelle are on their way.

I will share my journey with you as Tending the Heart Fire book offering is read for the first time by teacher trainees here and the book releases around the world Jan. 1st.
If you received an early copy and are moved to offer a review on, I would be grateful. Thank you for sharing on Facebook. This labor of love from my heart to you.

We began shooting last night at sunset for the New Year's Chakra Vinyasa Online program and the light is amazing.

If you are interested in joining us please see the online courses beginning Dec. 30 (new year's process via web-book) or Jan. 14th for video practices. This and our Chakra Mantra Vinyasa (the evolution of Chakra Vinyasa) is happening at Exhale with many great programs in the New Year.

jungle shakta
love all ways
as we turn the wheel of the new year

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