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Wednesday, April 11, 2012
Dear Friends on the Path,

We just returned from Baja for the first energy regeneration retreat - camping out on the beautiful coastline of Sea of Cortez.

* natural light  - under the full moon and no electricity (except some DJ speakers' solar-powered)
* raw food prepared only with solar energy
* zero waste - almost all food was prepared from local organic gardens in Baja, no packaging, composting  or recycling.
* solar showers
* compost toilets (too much information?)
* sunrise-sunset-moonrise meditation
* yoga, massage, breathwork, pranadanda,
* swimming, kayaking, surfing

for 50 people for 3 nights we saved energy but more fun and regenerating was charging up
by being together with the elements.

Please join these coming weeks before Earth Day.
Spread the word. Download this flyer. Create your own way of honoring a sustainable future - sign up on our Facebook group today!
Carbon offset for those like me that travel at

Love All Ways,

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