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Thursday, March 29, 2012
Dear Friends,

We are in the middle of the spring navaratri, the nine nights for Ma Shakti. This spring navaratri is more a visceral, living experience than ritual for me as we are on retreat with my root teacher, Daniel Odier, immersed in the movement meditation of Tandava four hours a day with Matsyendranath visualizations and Daniel's penetrating transmissions, lightness and humor. The space is amazing up in the mountains overlooking the sea. He will be at Exhale this weekend - you can come for one day or both!

If you are part of the spring living yoga sadhana group, we are adding a meditation this Sunday, April 1st culminating the Spring Navaratri. Shakti Fest - the Spring Bhakti Fest - is coming up as well as the Shakti Sadhana for women and Bom Siva for Men.

For the Yoga Trance Dance teacher training, we will be including my sessions in the Tadasana Festival which also includes a special offering to the ocean for Earth Day.
Yoga Energy Activism is till happening for Earth Day!  Check out new dates below for San Francisco and Washington D.C. for the Summer Solstice.

I am still in the labor of a long creative project that is slowly birthing itself over these next six weeks. The last part is the longest and most patient.

Our dear friend Chris Tompkins is going to Kashmir for a very important mission to copy never-before translated texts. If you have been moved by the wisdom of this tradition, please support his mission!

My deepest respect to all your creative endeavors and the sustaining power required.

Love All Ways!


Breath comes out, breath comes in, sinuous in itself.
Perfectly tuned to the breath, Kundalini, the Great Goddess, rises up.

She is the highest place of pilgrimage.
- VBT 154 translation Daniel Odier
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