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Spring Blessings from Maya Tulum!

Thursday, March 22, 2012
Dear Friends,

We have been meditating with the rising sun every morning over the ocean with our group from different parts of the world on retreat in Tulum. Some mornings the clouds are dark over the horizon and the sun light pierces through the back of the clouds to then fully emerge in a full circle of light. Other mornings, the blazing red fullness rises unobstructed in full glory.

Every morning gives a different teaching about the play of what is emerging even though obscured from our view. The play of shadow and light is what created the visual darshan (seeing through) of Kulkulkan - the Serpent of Light that emerged yesterday from the core of Chitzen Itza. Over an hour and a half the shadow on the Spring Equinox gradually shifts till the shadow from the jagged pyramid makes the shape of the serpent. When the triangles touch the stairs, people (mainly from all over Mexico) who are gathered raise their arms overhead like a spontaneous prana mudra.

Our group, with our guide Ochos, blew the conch for the four directions. We were ecstatic, hot and tired all at the same time, but it was the most powerful journey to feel the Spring Equinox illuminated through time that this seventh wonder of the New World created as the last pyramid of the Mayan civilization.

The people here again and again emphasize the commercialization of the Doomsday prophesy. The cycle renews itself and these important junctures of the Solstices and Equinoxes recognized by the Mayans and our ancestors is a way to remember this in deep time.

Spring Navaratri begins with the new moon today honoring the creative power of Shakti for the next ten days.  I will be offering Shakti sadhana at Exhale and at SHAKTI Fest - the spring version of Bhakti Fest. This is a very special festival of living Bhakti.  Please join us there with many other great souls here and all of the amazing festivals coming up.

We are working with Exhale to try to offer one-day passes for Daniel Odier (more soon).

Love from el corazon de feugo,

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