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Spring Cleaning - Inner and Outer Renewal

Wednesday, April 03, 2013
Dear Friends on the Path,

With Spring comes cleaning. Every year I try to synch with Spring Navaratri for my spring "cleaning" a 10 day ancient sadhana festival that occurs during the transition point or sandhya between seasons.

This year we are offering our Spring Cleaning with Spring Navaratri for both women and men. I will be offering three levels of sadhana so that you can participate in a simple way to a full transformational program according to your lifestyle. I find some years I am on retreat as this year with Daniel Odier and offering workshops in Netherlands.

Some years we are quiet at home. Spring brings its own changes as growth composts old structures from the past that must be renewed for evolution to occur.

"Spring Cleaning - Inner and Outer Renewal" is the theme of our annual Online Spring Navaratri group. It is offered to men and women as daily meditation and life-sadhana program including a gentle spring cleaning detox with the Navaratri cycle. I have found this to be the most amazing macro support for the transition of spring and the tending of the inner fire. Our next cycle of online programs is beginning this month as well, including Prana Danda Yoga with Demetri and the Pathways of Prana Flow II.

Lama Tsutrim's workshop begins on this next new moon - a rare opportunity. Munich just went online with special guests Masood Ali Kahn/Sheila Bringi.

May we make it through this transition into the new moon with peace in our hearts and clarity in our vision, inner and outer home.

Love all ways,

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