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Spring Time Musings

Wednesday, March 14, 2012
Dear Friends,

Thank you to all of the participants in the Renewal of the Inner Fire retreat and local friends who came to class at Exhale.  I will be back in two weeks to celebrate Daniel Odier's return to California. This will be an intimate opportunity to be with Daniel so please register if you haven't already for this special workshop.
The rebirth of Spring is a week away - the three month marker of the new year and the half-way point of the Uttarayana cycle of increasing light. May we all stay grounded and dedicated to the creative field at this time. We will have a special Spring Equinox - Fall Equinox Living Yoga Sadhana program for the next 6 months to support each other during this most fertile time.

Chitzen Itza pilgrimage begins tomorrow for us...
We will send you some posts from Tulum.
Love all ways,


Daniel Odier Tandava Retreat: March 27 - 30

I venerate the spontaneous, tremoring, and wonderful words of my master who had me cross the Ocean of doubt.
May this jewel of knowledge lead all people to reach the true nature of reality, and may they keep this jewel in the deepest part of their heart.
- Spandakarikas verse 52, Daniel Odier

Don't miss this opportunity to be with this amazing teacher and transmitter of Lalita Devi's lineage - Daniel is rarely in the U.S.  His incredible translation of the Yoga Spanda Karika and Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, as well Tantric Quest and Desire have fertilized many people's path. The retreat will be held in an amazing private home above Solstice Canyon in Malibu  overlooking the mountains and the sea. It is a place of natural meditation, deep spaciousness and the absolute quiet of nature. During the week will go deeper into the sahaja practice of Tandava as well as Tantric meditations. The weekend will be a continuation of that process so please sign-up for both or join us at Exhale if you cannot make the deeper retreat for the week.

Daniel Odier ( teaches Kashmiran tantra from the Kaula tradition in accordance with the transmission he received from his master, the yogi Lalita Devi. This lineage goes back to the Mahasiddhas, and in particular to Matsyendranath, author of the Kaulajnananirna tantra.

This age-old tradition, closely linked to the shivaism of the Indus valley, teaches a form of yoga which has now virtually disappeared. It is a practice in three parts which unites sitting meditation with movement.  

CLICK HERE to view a video of Daniel teaching.
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