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Summer Blessings

Monday, July 18, 2011
Namaskaram and Summer Blessings!

We had an amazing full moon here with the Teacher Trainees on top of the mountain as the red-orange full moon rose just after sunset.  This was part of the Guru Purnima celebrations which included Darshan with H.H. Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswati on Inner Freedom.  Everyone was so grateful for Pujya Swami and Sadhvi Bhagavati's presence and teachings.  Inner freedom is found in our response to life which is not rocked by empty or full, ups or downs, in beauty or addressing eco-waste such as Pujya Swami's project to keep Ma Ganga clean or our upcoming Yoga Energy Activism campaign for Sept. 21st.

I am grateful to the extraordinary teachers in my life in all forms and for the many wonderful teachers-students-artists-musicians that come together during festivals. Bhakti fest is an amazing place for all Bhaktas to gather together from every different lineage including the Bhakti yoga tradition of Chaitanya through Radhanath Swami. I will be announcing more about Bhakti Fest and 2012 festivals and special programs.

See you all at Wanderlust, the Lotus Feed (Jenay Martin's Sonoma Farm Retreat), Bhaktifest and Yoga Journal Estes Park or in our special Embodying the Flow public classes this week.

Keep offering the fruits of summer to your beloveds.
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