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Triumph of the Spirit

Wednesday, November 07, 2012
Dear Beloveds,

Triumph of the Spirit!

Celebrating Obama! and all Movers and Shakers everywhere.

I turned my book in today and I may be celebrating till the Solstice!  271 pages, 71,000 words, 18 months interspersed through all of householder life, endless hours at my writing perch later I release "my triplets" - a small offering to the collective fire. I give thanks to my family, Demetri, Jai, Julian, Big Daddy, Kera, Layla (my family), my editors Haven, Sheridan and the visionary Tami Simon, the scholarship of Chris Tompkins who provided translations and instrumental comraderie, Paul Muller-Ortega and Daniel Odier for inspiration and many other inner and outer Gurus, and the great Samudra team particularly Kristen Townsend who was there from the beginning, Julian, Maria Garre, Glenisse, photographers to come in the design process such as Jenay Martin, Lisa Firefly for calendar muse, Lorin Roche, Ron Alexander and Bob Wisdom for the initial encouragement to write and all of my friends for your patience during this process. Shiva is coming out of the cave and celebrating this week for a long time!

We are celebrating Pujya Swami's birthday and looking forward to being part of Ganga Fest to highlight sacred activism for the Ganga at the Maha Kumbha Mela. We will release all the details next week for Diwali.

We are so honored to welcome Paul Muller-Ortega for an afternoon of meditation and satsang as the culmination of a great week with some extraordinary guests. I am looking forward to offering the fluid power-chakra vinyasa cycle of sequences for my Exhale friends.

Keep tending your fire,
Love all ways

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