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Upcoming Shivaratri Celebrations & Retreats!

Monday, February 13, 2012
Dear Friends on the Path,

Monday, Somavar, is the day of the week connected with source energy of Siva and next week Maha Shivratri falls on the new moon which is auspiciously on Somavar, the day (var) of Soma, the sacred nectar that regenerates. In the iconography of Siva, Soma is the refined essence that pours from Siva's crown, outwardly as the river Ganga that cascades from his dreadlocks and inwardly through the bliss of meditation.

Ever since I lived in New Delhi for a year in 1990, I have been connecting to Monday as not the usual "monday humbug, back to work" but as a day for cultivating more lunar qualities such as reflection, regeneration (often now from a weekend of teaching or family fullness), relaxation and reclining - in which ever rhythm is possible. I notice being more relaxed on a monday (even in action) allows Tuesday - which is connected cross-culturally with the fire planet of Mars - to have more natural energy for the power of the week to unfold.

In India, people often have a special day of the week which is their sacred retreat time for them personally that is part of bringing the sacred rhythm through the week. For men or women who feel connected to the source through Siva, every Monday is a time to heighten their sadhana in their own way through both personal practice and in life including: meditation, circulation of mantra, yoga, ritual, fasting, eating only fruits or being vegetarian, connecting with their outer or inner temple and kindling their devotion, offering and realization within daily life - all of the main aspects which intensify in the all-night ceremony of Maha Shivratri.  

On this extraordinary sadhana holy-day which brings the transformative aspects of yoga together, any one can tap into this great festival celebrated by over a billion people around the world.  Dave Stringer and I are offering a MahaShivratri sadhana next Sunday afternoon-evening followed on Monday by a Maha Shivaratri meditation and japa mala (free for all) as part of our Living Yoga Sadhana online program.

Don't miss the opportunity (particularly if you are local to California) to connect with one of my root teachers, Daniel Odier. I first connected with his translation of the Vijnana Bhairva Tantra some 18 years ago. He is a remarkable teacher and translator - an offering of his writings follow below which are wonderful for Shivratri.

Our Advance Vinyasa trainings in March, April and May, our Spring Equinox Pilgrimage to Chitzen Itza and camp out retreat in Baja are all offerings for tending your inner fire. I am a late coming Adele fan but "there is a fire burning in my heart" and celebrate the creative energy brewing in us all.

Yoga Rocks the Butte was an amazing community celebration! A special shout out to Monica Mesa and all of the amazing beings who made it all happen including prAna.

And enjoy your pre-Valentine's musings on your Beloved - inner and outer.  We will be sending you a Valentine's tomorrow.

Love all ways,

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