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Vasant Navaratri 2011

Tuesday, March 29, 2011
Namaskaram Firekeepers,

With the waning moon, I am on retreat this week heading to Colorado to be with root teacher Daniel Odier and then to make my own workshop offering to the Boulder-Denver community for this coming new moon, Sunday, April 3rd. This new moon will begin the Vasant Navaratri or the 9 nights dedicated to the triple aspect of Shakti as the dissolver of limitations (Durga Ma), the sustainer of vitality and abundance (Sri Lakshmi) and the creative energy of wisdom, knowledge and expression embodied as Sri Saraswati. Our Tending the Sacred Fire: Living Yoga Sadhana group is preparing to enter into this purifying and nourishing living retreat cycle through mantra, meditation, spring cleansing fasts, creative renewal, family & community bonding, and visionary manifestation. Our next session begins Wednesday April 13. Please see for more details coming this week!  I will be offering reflections on our facebook site as well as guiding our women's retreat at the end of the month in which we will gather live to initiate deeper Shakti Sadhana in our own personal way.

Demetri is on fire with creative staff (danda) flows in his work with men which will be offered at Exhale, Sonic Yoga, Kripalu and Wanderlust. At Exhale, I will also be including them in the women's retreat that is parallel to each other for a big Beltane weekend to celebrate the fertility of life, love and all things worth living for!

This week, I will be sending announcements for Yoga Energy Activism Earth day call and our Bhakti Fest collective class and immersion.

Please join us online, live at Exhale or in your on way to affirm life and positive creative actions in the spring.

Love to all!
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