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Victory to the Mother!

Thursday, October 25, 2012
Dear friends,

Victory to the Mother! The last day of Navaratri, Vijaya Dasami  was part of our initiation of new students  ceremony today in the Kalari!  Each student  sitting before the altar first wrote a Ganesh mantra
as a way of connecting to Saraswati, knowledge and the auspicious new cycle.

We then offered respect to the Gurukaal lineage and then some were introduced to new weapons.

I received unexpectedly the first steel blade weapon with great respect and learned the movements with my teachers. I am vibrating in a deep, settled and dedicated way and can see the transformation during these 10 days in my life as mirrored in through many people's lives in small and large ways:
We all have released some hinderances. We have all awakened to some deeper truths. We have all re-membered and activated a creative potency and are opening to a new cycle that will be given time for integration and then emerge in the coming months if we are able to follow the guidance we have received. We lost some great beings - freedom fighters - George McGovern and freedom dancer Gabrielle Roth. Victory to the Mother!!!

As we bring closure to our altars and this process, what is the samkalpa, dedication that can connect us to the deeper movement that we are all going to pass through for the rest of Fall into the new year. Let us write down all that we learned and rededicate ourselves to our individual and collective path with a sense of greater service to the source energy of life on our sacred blue planet as we voyage through the infinite space as a bead turning in the cosmic mala.

On Oct. 31st, it will only be six weeks left of the year.
Let us awaken now and forever to the deepest and extraordinary love that embraces every experience
we could ever have or envision. We are her sons and daughters - she dances through us. Jai Jai Ma!!!!

Love All Ways,

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