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Vigil for Boston - Navaratri - Exhale Classes - Shakti Fest - Online Courses

Thursday, April 18, 2013
Dear Friends,

We are holding vigil space with the people of Boston and resound the contemplation of the times: despite all of the tragedy and turmoil - there are more beings who are sustaining beneficial presence and actions. I feel very strongly that collective gatherings are places where we can move within this collective positive force field.

I am outside Amsterdam with my root teacher Daniel Odier, which is extraordinary. There was a healing experience for all in the 11th century cathedral Janskerk in Utrecht where Yoga Moves sponsored a day-long retreat in this cathedral. We were able to dance, chant, offer namaskar with bija mantra and enjoy sahaja movement and tandava with Daniel Odier with over 225 people. The walls were reverberating. Utrecht was the site in the 13th century of one of the first dance revivals-uprisings in the medieval times, and today there is circle dance and prayer in this church on Sundays.

We share some of this positive energy below as well as separate emails later this week from Wanderlust and Shakti Fest where I am part of these gatherings with other amazing musicians and teachers.

Our classes coming up in April-May at Exhale will be charging up including some special PranaDandaYoga classes and a Beltane Yoga Trance Dance (few spots). We will still be collecting gently used bras up until Mother's day and Shakti Fest to send to Free the Girls (thanks Patrick for your great help).

Our next online courses which have great community of prana flow and beyond teachers and students is coming up at the beginning of May including PranaDanda for those interested in upcoming teacher training.

Now more than ever stay connected to the energy of life.
Friday is the last day of Navaratri and we will be closing with a homa or fire ceremony at Yoga Moves.

A bow to all,

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