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Wanderlusting in My Bones

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We are heading out the door for Wanderlust at 6:30 this morning and I feel a surge that I don't feel very often after years of traveling. When I was a kid, my whole body would vibrate the night before I went anywhere like a star trek beam. Even in the midst of pre-travel excitement, there was a mystic peace in the air as we would rise at the crack of dawn to travel. I am up now before the sun rises with the same vibrancy.

I got a feeling in my bones - its wanderlusting - like I am being magnetized to the Mountains of Lake Tahoe. Wanderlusting is an organic pull beyond your every day life. The open road calls you, but the destination is inside you. It doesn't have to make any practical sense, although it may be the only thing that is sane.

Wanderlusting - the passion for the unfolding road. A gathering is convening on the mountain. Some of my favorite musicians, DJ's, yogis and yoginis, friends, students, vendors. There is an element of a summer festival rocking in the air. I saw the weather it is straight sun in the 80's which makes our wanderlust river float on Truckee on Thursday with about 90 people divine. I feel like an acorn ready for the sun to let summer crack open and immerse in music-movement-yoga-tribe.

Jeff Krasno, founder of Wanderlust has put together an amazing group together for the Speakeasy including Moby. I am giving a "talk" on Saturday called - "Moving Mountains: The Power of Music and Movement". This 15 minute talk has me really attuned to what anthropologists call "collective effervence" or "communitas" - the spirit of the collective movement of the tribe.

We are born this way and we are wired this way for a reason - we need to feel the collective pulse. The PULSE Tent at Wanderlust is a space dedicated to the collective force through individual flow. With thanks to the Wanderlust team, the Pulse tent is the heart of Wanderlust movement with DJ Dragonfly as our resident DJ, an amazing array of classes with Live Music and off-the-chart evening performances from Moby, Hamsa Lila, Bassnectar and beyond.

I will be web-streaming live from the PranaShala tent-lounge created with co-sponsors prAna. The PranaShala is a navel, nadi line, gathering point with free water, a sacred shala (rest) zone, Kumbha Mela and Bali Malas, spontaneous jam sessions with PULSE project musicians, Dave Stringer, Steve Gold, Donna DeLory, Shaman's Dream, Mayapuris, Nikos Veliskakis, Fire & Flow Staff and Poi Jams with Rainbow Michael and Demetri, Flying Flow with Simon Park and Friends, Sound Healing with Alex Theory, and ShaktiBhakti from the Prana Flow Senior Teachers Maria Garre, Twee Merrigan, Gina Caputo and Media Connections through Jenay Martin and our web partners, Namaste Interactive. We are grateful to everyone for making it all happen. We are looking forward to connecting with all the amazing other tents (Kula Village, Anusara Village, Yoga Tree), teachers, musicians, artists, and participants. I will be hanging out at the PULSE tent for most of the festival giving you an inside view and behind the scenes flow of Wanderlust with lots of guest spots with artists, teachers, friends at the PULSE.

Please enjoy our new website with great thanks to Namaste Interactive for their amazing delivery including a new baby boy! It is the first creative stage of more to come that will make our site at the cutting edge of interactiveness and change. Enjoy the beginning of our rotating playlist.

Check out the amazing upcoming events-teacher training-retreats.

Nancy commented on 29-Jul-2010 07:41 AM
I'm so excited that I will be able to enjoy Wanderlust with you from my home! My heart will be dancing with you and the tribe in Lake Tahoe and my bones will be dancing in Florida! Love to all
Dana Bryson commented on 29-Jul-2010 10:26 AM
sweet love, its Dana and baby Nico (now 3 months) from beautiful Colorado. we love you and are enjoying the new electronic gathering place - your website. See you in Colorado and Costa Rica with the entire family!!! love to Demetri too! Congrats to Jenay and the team for creating this and thanks.
Anonymous commented on 30-Jul-2010 03:32 PM
So excited that Shiva is at Wanderlust!
Kristen commented on 30-Jul-2010 03:33 PM
Loving the live videos from Wanderlust!!
MarVeena commented on 04-Sep-2010 11:07 AM

I have really enjoyed your web site, video's and blog. You are quite an inspiration!

Come and do some classes in TX!

Thank you!
Dallas, TX
Yolanda commented on 28-Nov-2011 03:52 AM
Namaste, I am from South Africa & I just spent my whole morning watching your beautiful DVD: Vinyasa Flow & you are definitely a huge motivation to me - Thank you for your kindness, as you can see, that your good energy has reached the shores of South
Africa, and into my heart. I love yoga and I plan to become a yoga teacher in the near future...Continue your good seva & even greater karma awaits you! Thank you for a rich vinyasa experience via your DVD on sale in Africa... Hari Om Yolanda Samson
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