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Shiva's Blog

November Musings

Friday, November 18, 2011
Dear Friends,

Friday is for the Goddess in India and reaffirming your life energy. It is also for Shabbat, restoring your life-energy and listening.  It is the weekend for refilling your cup.

On my heart right now:
* Occupy movement and praying that they can learn from what the great predecessors of the people's movements - Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr - to inspire by the highest action of non-violence and truth.

* The vibration of the amazing East Coast community from Sonic NYC, Flow DC, All that Matters, RI and from all around at Kripalu. We had a gathering of about 300 people on Friday night for 11-11-11 and the same amount calling in for the live connect. I have been anchoring into the embodiment of that shift in consciousness of the One.  We created a collective poem for our Kripalu retreat and share with you below the poem, the Poetry of Yoga launch that supports editor Hawah's amazing project One Common Unity that brings yoga directly to community. Check it out.

* Our next free Tending the Sacred Fire groups Heartfire Mandala Mediation and Mantra before Thanksgiving and our free Winter Solstice Meditation and Mantra online calls. These offerings are a thank you for all the amazing beings who were part of the Living Yoga Sadhana group that began last year for the Full Moon Winter Solstice. We will start our new group for the 2012 Tending the Heart Fire on Dec. 22 or Jan 12 until Feb. 21st. Look for more information in next week's Pulse.

* The unveiling of amazing new programs to come, but for now:  Daniel Odier is coming back for Tandava Retreat in Malibu Solstice Canyon and Exhale. There is limited space so please email to if you are interested.

* Our Solar retreat in Costa Rica is an amazing pranafication place with solar cabins and natural light, natural foods from the land, open air living, surfing or swimming in healing waters, horseback riding on the beach, sunrise-sunset meditation and bonfire global mantras and a star permeated sky. We will be having an amazing intensive for Kalarippayatu as a Flow Arts Teacher's Intensive with daily classes with Gurukaal Sathyanarayan and kalari vinyasa with Shiva and pranadandayoga with Demetri. We are taking over the entire retreat center built by Omega founder Stephan Rechtschaffen but there are only a few spaces left. We just wanted to make sure you new about it all as it is a place of great healing and rejuvenation with the elements.

Have a regenerative weekend with your loved ones.
I am teaching this Sunday in the morning and Demetri is teaching next week.

In the creative cave...

Keep breathing the One


Friday, November 11, 2011
Dear Friends on the Path,

11-11-11 Blessings

Today there are many meditations around the world for this once in our lifetime day of 11-11-11.
We are heading to Kripalu for our ONE Breath: Collective Flow retreat after an amazing week in NYC, D.C. and Rhode Island. Thank you to everyone from Sonic Yoga, Flow and All that Matters for bringing us all together.

We are linked through our bio-fields and rhythmic nature to a deeper pulse.

What I like about 1-1-1-1-1-1 is that you don't have to know about numerology, or astrology or have a belief system. You can contemplate ONE in the way that is most powerful for you. There are other significances. Todays Veterans Day was created to honor the fact that peace treaty that ended WW1 happened at 11:00 on Nov. 11th. We all know the synchronicity around the 11:11 time that happens spontaneously.

May today be a turning point for us all as we contemplate and bring into healing reality any shift from selfishness to greater love untying the knots within, in any relationships, in our vision forward as we head towards the Solstice.

I am offering these free meditations in freedom tonight, for Thanksgiving and for the Winter Solstice as our Tending the Sacred Fire group which has lived these cycles through the year now moves toward completion.

All for One. One for All.
Love All Ways


Tuesday, November 01, 2011
Dear Friends on the Path,


We are linked through our bio-fields and rhythmic nature to a deeper pulse.

What I like about 1-1-1-1-1 is that you don't have to know about numerology, or astrology or have a belief system. You can contemplate ONE in the way that is most powerful for you.

From an amazing group of teacher trainees from around the world here - Peru, Denmark, Finland, France, Canada, Germany, Turkey, and beyond - we have been working with our own bio-fields in Chakra Vinyasa for energetic balance and wisdom in action. The last two public classes begin tonight - thank you for the local community for a great week.

Next week - 11 days from now we will be in Kripalu for our 11-11-11 "All for One 11-11-11 Meditation with Shiva and special guests John de Kadt, KDZ, DJ Nagaraja, and Hawah".

From the last public class at Exhale Thursday to connecting with the East Coast community for the Temple of Tala Rasa in NYC with Sonic Yoga, D.C., Rhode Island and beyond.  We will be joined in NYC by Earthrise Sound System and ex-stomp percussionist - David "Duke" Mushroom" and NYC's great drummers for an amazing Tuesday Temple of Tala Rasa. If you are in town, please stop in for this tala rasa magic and the Movers and Shakers Project.

prAna created a video for their Global Ambassadors such as Chris Sharma, John Friend and this one was edited by Rich Van Every and his amazing team who documented Burning Man and the TEDx event. The founder of prAna narrates it and it includes a photo from the school of funk in Oakland. Truthfully, I am a bit shy  but it includes some moments of friends you may know. It is called Inner Rhythm and it is in essence about the power of rhythm to help us feel the best of ONE.  Click here to view!

A bow to the ancestors - Samhain Blessings!

May the next fertile 6 weeks of darkness bring us to deep fulfillment and peace.

Love all ways

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