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Join Shiva at Exhale this weekend & Serpent of Light Spring Renewal Retreat!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012
Dear Friends,

We are heading to the first of the eight fire festivals of the year - Imbolc on Feb. 1st - the six-week marker between the winter solstice and spring equinox.

Six weeks from that point we will be at Chitzen Itza and Maya Tulum to honor the power of the emergence of Spring.  In this newsletter, we are featuring the power of this healing place and our "Energy Regeneration Retreat for Householders" teacher training during our week of barefoot, sand, natural lights and mayan-yogic intersections as we honor the alchemy of the natural elements.

We will be offering a global online session from Maya Tulum as well as for the upcoming Shivaratri.
For my local friends, this week is my monthly practice intensive at Exhale culminating in a transformative evening for Movers and Shakers that is grounding and liberating and celebrating the Tadasana Festival coming to LA with co-founder Global Sonic DJ Fabian Alsultany.

I hope to see you in the flow

Love all ways,


Tantric Studies Program Events!

Thursday, January 05, 2012
Dear Friends on the Path,

We are still in Costa Rica with the raw elements. It has been an amazing two weeks with my kalarippayatu Gurukaal Sathya Narayan and the forms of the teachers all around us - waves, monkeys, and the bonfires. Our LYS group for the first month of the year is closing today for our meditation tomorrow as we focus on the fires we will be tending for the new cycle of the year.

I am grateful to offer you ways to study with some of my root teachers in Tantra: Daniel Odier (returning to the Venice after four years), Paul Muller-Ortega (who is offering three weekends to go deep into the meditation upon the mysticism of the heart fire), Chris Tompkins who has been such an amazing scholar and guide in our teacher trainings, the Nagas - great boa beings who we offer meditation with a few times a year and the Yoginis (my yoga journal intensive is dedicated to their teachings).

May the living guide in our heart navigate our path of the year,

Pura Vida!


Tantric Studies Coming Up Starting Jan 28!

Sunday Jan 22 - Kundalini Shakti - Moving with the Creative Source for the New Year with Shiva Rea, Demetri Velisarius, Shai + boas at Exhale, Venice

Connect with your natural creative power through a direct encounter with the sacred boa snakes (nagas) while meditating and and being in the natural flow of sahaja or spontaneous yoga.

Mystical Fire of the Heart Intensive with Paul Muller Ortega
Saturday + Sunday January 28 - 29
*Save the dates for entire series: May 27 + 28 and Nov 18 + 19

By means of oblation the entirety of all existing things dissolve into the brilliant fire of divine Consciousness. Then, all that remains is that Brilliance alone! By such a practice, a Yogin attains the understanding that all existing things are made only of the brilliant fire of the Supreme Lord, the luminous Consciousness!
-- From the Tantrasara of Abhinavagupta

Tantric Studies with Christopher Tompkins
Friday January 27 - Sunday February 5, exact times TBA

Registration for all events above through

Daniel Odier Tandava Retreat - REGISTRATION OPEN!

I am very happy from my heart to welcome back my root teacher in Tandava, Daniel Odier, to the Les Etats Unis. He is an amazing being and transmitter of Lalita Devi's lineage.  His incredible translation of the Yoga Spanda Karika and Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, as well Tantric Quest and Desire have all been part of our teacher training sacred reading list. Please join us in the Malibu Mountain Retreat or at Exhale for the Weekend.

For questions regarding the retreat, please email

If you are interested in also attending the Venice weekend immersion with Daniel on March 31 and April 1, please contact Exhale Center for Sacred Movement to register: 310-450-7676 or (

Happy New Year 2012!

Sunday, January 01, 2012
Happy New Year!  Feliz Nuevo Ano!

We emerged out of the ocean 2.7 billion years ago and to the sea we return.

On the first day of the New Year, millions of Brazilians go to the ocean to offer flowers and shells to the Mother Goddess Yemanja as a way to cleanse and renew oneself for the New Year and remember where we came from so we can better navigate where we are going.

Last night we crossed over into the New Year during our bonfire on the beach where we ignited lanterns of prayers into a Milky Way permeated sky with more stars than Jai says he has ever seen.

Today through the next two weeks (Jan. 1st through Jan. 14th)  is a wonderful period to really embody the spirit of the New Year cycle.  Makar Sankranti on Jan. 14th marks the beginning of the six-month cycle of increasing light till the Summer Solstice.  Where will we be then, individually and collectively and then again when we swing around to the Winter Solstice of 2012?

How we begin the next cycle sets the pulse for the next to unfold. It seems that truly living from one moment to the next, one cycle to the next is more meaningful and practical than ever.

There is magic in the air today. As we head to the sea here in Costa Rica to make our offerings to Yemanja and the sea, I am thinking of you and everyone around the world who is opening to the next cycle.

Let us open to a year of thriving in change and evolving in love, individually and collectively,

Diving into the New,

All Love

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