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Shiva's Blog

New Moon Solstice Blessings

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Summer Solstice is upon us. At 4:09 pst, the peak of light shifts and the journey of the other side of the sun begins. The half-way mark, the zenith that marks a turning point. The ecstatic fullness of summer begins.

In the midst of life, let us create as much space as possible in the next day for listening, creating, being with family, celebrating, enjoying the many forms of yoga. Let everything extraneous go. It is the new moon, the new cycle, the powerful closing of one 6-month waxing and the beginning of another 6 month journey towards the Winter Solstice 2012.

Our bodies are innate energetic systems which both receive and transmit signals that are conducted through the earth, sound waves and the electromagnetic field of the body. There are certain places  where you can feel a literal charging of your system. Many sacred sites are highly charged places aligned with these charged junctures. Stonehenge is one of them for me.

This year, our three days in the Stonehenge-Avebury area went another level deeper. While we were in center of the stone circle, our whole body was vibrating in the most natural, mystic way . The cold rainy wind of one evening became still and warm once inside the ancient stones. Another clear evening just as the sun set, we could see the full moon rising right in the center of the trilithon stones. Nearby we walked toWest Kennet Long Barrow, the oldest and largest burial mound in the region, which  felt strangely joyous and alive – not what I expected from a damp dark burial cavern. The ancestors are still singing in there and my bones miss their song.

I also had a teaching this morning through the heart field with Ammachi who was giving darshan of Devi Bhava last night-this morning. I really wanted to be there but it was my sacred time to be a mother to my son Jai who was graduating from Jr High. Instead of being at the site, I just meditated with her around the time of the closing peak of Devi Bhava. The radiance of her field and all of the love generated from the generic Hilton hotel sent a long wave of deep peace that I could feel as if I was there. I think we can all feel tap these extraordinary shifts  of energy all the time through our body if we can pause to let it seep in.

Our house went Solar while we were in Stonehenge - a pure coincidence as we had been waiting for a year for it to go through the approval process (Real Goods Solar Rocks!). Honestly, our house feels different. Like another kind of positive charge - a power that is able to supply the six surrounding houses with what is generated from our one home. I am committed to getting a solar-powered electric car by fall. Only one hour of the Sun on planet earth is all it takes to power the earth's current energy needs for a whole year.

We are igniting a special 6 week summer "fluid core" online course for women that combines my dance movement therapy background with the creative core explorations that I have been engaged with for over a decade. This is about yogini empowerment - cellular love circulating with aliveness and our creative power. Next round is for everyone.

India Kerala Shakti registration is finally open  for our Navaratri and Ayurveda and Kalarippayatu pilgrimage.
This will be a blessed yatra.

Thanks for being connected through the PULSE. Celebrating friends MC Yogi, John de Kadt and Benjy Wertheimer's CD releases.
And Exhale is having a big Solstice party tomorrow - Thursday (we will starting ours in DC).

Wherever you are, charge up at the deepest level!.
Let the good times roll -- summer fun!
See you at the festivals or in the quantum field!
Blazing love


Thank you to all the amazing beings that we connected with in Munich and London and in the Avebury area.

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