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Shiva's Blog

Global Mala Celebration

Friday, September 21, 2012
Dear Friends on the Path,

The Fall Equinox is here and we just offered a Global Mala from our retreat in the ancient Herault valley in Southern France where caves, extraordinary cathedrals and river gorges brought us into the earth power.
Thank you to those who joined us live for the Yoga Mala and an amazing group of teachers from all over Europe.

There will be a live stream of the Global Mala in Newark on Sunday if you would like to tap in wherever you are as we connect with the thousands of UN international peace projects around the world.

Our new series on the Danda and the Lotus begins with this new cycle.
May your creative energy flourish and peace prevail on earth…

Shanah Tovah!
Blessings in all directions,


New Moon Blessings

Wednesday, September 12, 2012
Dear Global Friends on the Path,

A new moon and the Fall Equinox are upon us initiating the final seasonal turn of the year.  We offer you our best harvest and the seeds for 2013.

This year the Global Mala for Peace will have over hundred global mala events around the world.  The Global Mala is an opportunity to connect with the yoga community at large: across all borders, all styles of yoga, forms of yoga. This year I will be joining the New Jersey Global Mala which takes place in the $24 million newly renovated, Newark Public School's New School Stadium.  There is plenty of space for the more than 1000 attendees we expect on Sunday, September 23rd.  Global Mala NJ will run simultaneously with Yoga Festival by the Sea Global Mala event in Asbury Park.  There will be live streaming.  Together, this will be the largest yoga event in the Garden State, becoming one community.
Learn more about Global Mala NJ at
To learn more about the roots of Global Mala and ideas on how to host your own event, please see
Thank you to National Yoga Month and Juil Shoes for your support!

Love all ways,

Bhakti Fest * Danda and The Lotus

Wednesday, September 05, 2012
Dear Bhaktas!

Bhakti Fest is this coming weekend and is one of the great gatherings of the year. We are all born as lovers and this is the place to come out of the closet as a Bhakta, joining a sea of wonderful bhaktas from all paths, backgrounds and forms. I will be offering bhakti sadhana with the Mayapuris and the Hanumen (John de Kadt, Benjy Wertheimer, Gaura Vani).

We are offering a special online course for men and women separately as part of the Danda and the Lotus series. This is a very special 3-part course the is a follow-up to wonderful Sacred Belly Sadhana for women and the Danda practice for men offered with Demetri.
The 2013 Calendar is out!  See all dates on the website.

Love All Ways,


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