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Prana Flow Teacher Directory - Advanced Teachers

    Coral Brown

    South County, RI

    Charlotte Bruun

    Horsholm, Denmark

    Gina Caputo

    Boulder, CO

    Kelley Doyle

    Bishop, CA

    Veronique Dumont

    Montreal, Quebec

    Jeffrey Duval

    New York City, NY

    Carson Efird

    Raleigh, NC and Los Angeles, CA

    Maria Garre

    Frederick, MD

    Lauren Hanna

    New York City & The Hamptons

    Adri Kyser

    Flower Mound, TX

    Jessica Lazar

    Washington, DC

    Roberto Lim

    Boston, MA

    Chanel Luck

    Boston, MA

    Christine May

    Munich, Germany & Zurich, Switzerland

    Andrew McAuley

    Ashburn, VA

    Twee Merrigan


    Monica Mesa

    Crested Butte, Colorado

    Simon Park

    Philadelphia, PA

    Aubree Saia

    Madison, WI

    Demetri Velisarius

    Boston, MA + Venice, CA

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